We aren't interior designers.  We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty.  

And we won't tell you to paint everything white.

How are we different?


Unlike many home staging companies, 

our background isn't in interior design.    

A good interior designer creates a beautiful space that captures the taste and lifestyle of the homeowner.  

We do the exact opposite.    

We create beautiful spaces that DO NOT capture the taste and lifestyle of the owner - because we're not designing for the current homeowner.  

We're designing for the NEXT homeowner.    

We want potential homebuyers to come into a home and immediately picture themselves living there. So we create a comfortable environment and a potential lifestyle that a wide variety of homebuyers will find attractive. And we put the focus on the unique features of your home - the things that other homes just can't offer.  


Why should you trust us to help market one of your 

largest investments?

Because the staff of Coastal Living Staging doesn't just stage other clients' homes to go on the market - we stage and sell our own homes as well.

Coastal Living Staging was the natural evolution of years of luxury design, construction and renovation experience in the Los Angeles South Bay. area.   We have staked our reputation - and our own resources - on our ability to identify and showcase exactly what features are most desirable to Palos Verdes homebuyers.    

If our homes don't sell quickly and for maximum profit, we are personally financially impacted.  It certainly motivates us to pay attention to the details and to go the extra mile to create the best possible result.​  Why not use our knowledge and experience to help you sell your home.

What agents say...

Chris Adlam, Vista Sotheby’s International Realty

"Working with Coastal Living Staging is a true pleasure.  Professional service and insight, great design sense and quality product.  They are so much more than just a staging company...they truly transform a house!